About Canvas Savages

What Are We:

Created by Damon, the founder of Sticker Savages, Canvas Savages was born early 2021 with the first canvas dropping March 1st. We release one savage, exclusive canvas per month, in 4 different size options. Each canvas comes with a matching NFT. From canvas 1-5, NFT were all on Etherium. From canvas 6- ∞ we will be minting on Cardano, our forever chain ❤️

All of our canvas is printed on HQ Picasso Canvas and come with matching NFT that show a chain of ownership and authenticity. These canvas pieces are all printed on a Roland VG2 printer, top in its class for printing vibrancy, quality and color-ways.


Where Are We:

Sticker Savages was founded in my parents garage in Detroit November 2019. Since then the savages have grown rapidly & I have moved operations to a warehouse space in Austin, Texas! This 1500 square foot space a bit north of downtown Austin is home to an AMAZING 40 foot mural by Pierre Lucero & our Roland VG2 printer. This is where we will be printing all of our canvas, building & stretching them all in house. Everything from concept to production to mailing out the canvas will be done in our HQ, by our team here in Texas!

trippy mural